Filmmakers talk about British Council Film

We've supported a huge range of UK filmmakers to find international audiences and create new partnerships. Here's what some of those filmmakers say about us...

  • Asif Kapadia's 'Senna'

Asif Kapadia's Senna

Asif Kapadia (Director The Warrior, The Return, Far North, Senna)
“The British Council has been brilliant to me. I don’t think my shorts would've been half as successful without their help and support. The Sheep Thief was picked up by the films division and screened in festivals the world over, including Cannes, Clermont Ferrand and the London Film Festival. As a poor student there was no way I could afford to send the print out myself. The British Council handled the prints of my shorts. They also sent me to accompany the film at festivals. This gave me the chance to see how my films were received the world over, it also gave the chance to see amazing shorts and features that would never be seen in the UK. During these trips I met filmmakers, financiers and producers, including Bertrand Faivre, the producer of The Warrior who I first met at the Brest Film Festival. If the British Council had not flown me out with my film, he may never have seen my film and I would still be searching for a producer.  With The Warrior I was lucky enough to travel as far as Pusan in South Korea and Mumbai and Kolkata with the British Council.”

Ildiko Kemeny (Producer, Room To Rent, Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution, Joy Division)
“From my film school years to and throughout my first feature films, I have always enjoyed a great relationship with the British Council: on our shorts film festival exposure, my very first trip into the fantastic world of the NY and LA film world to "Producers on the Move" in Cannes 2000, (all supported by the British Council). So, I can only say HUGE THANKS to your fantastic team and support!”

Andrew Kotting (Writer/director Gallivant, This Filthy Earth, Ivul)
“The fact that the British Council have supported the work consistently over the years helps build a confidence and focus in what one does as a practitioner. The opportunity to visit film festivals abroad, meet other film makers and show ones work has been invaluable. These festivals provide insight, inspiration and confidence in developing ones own artistic or cinematic language. Without them it would have been easy to remain 'stuckist', 'shouldavist' or worse still 'couldavist', which is the malaise waiting to trap us all.”

David MacKenzie (Director Young Adam, Asylum, Hallam Foe)
“I'm extremely fond of my relationship with the British Council…. I’m always grateful for the opportunities they give filmmakers to travel. Most recently for me was a trip to St. Petersburg’s Message To Man Festival to sit on the jury”.

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