Shorts Support Scheme

Thanks for applying for Travel Grant support from this British Council/BFI-funded scheme. Before you start please do have a look at the guidelines for the scheme here.  If you have any questions about the scheme or problems with the form, do mail us at

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01 Personal information

02 Eligibility check

  • You must be able to answer 'Yes' to all the questions below in order to qualify for a travel grant.

  • Please upload the following essential materials

    Please upload your confirmation of acceptance into the festival you are applying for.

  • Please upload your CV or Filmography either as PDF or Word document.

  • If you also have the following materials, please upload them now

    If your film has dialogue or text that would need translating for a non-English speaking audience to understand it then please attach here a list of all dialogue in your film in either PDF or Word format. NB. This is not the same as a script. It should be time-coded so that a translator will know which piece of dialogue/text appears at a given point in the film.

  • Please upload two publicity stills in jpg format of no more than 2 MB in size. Please do not include production stills ie. stills featuring the filmmakers or any behind-the-scenes activity.

03 About your short film

04 About the festival you have been invited to attend

05 Your future

06 Additional info

  • British Council Shorts Support Travel Grant – Data Protection Declaration

    We are committed to being as open as possible. This includes being clear about how we assess and make decisions and how we will use your application form and other documents you give us. We are happy to provide you with copies of the information we hold about you, including our assessment of your application. As a public organisation we have to follow the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We are also listed as a public authority under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. By law, we may have to provide your application documents and information about our assessment to any member of the public who asks for them under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

    We will use this application form and the other information you give us, including any personal information, for the following purposes:

    • To decide whether to give you a grant.
    • To provide copies to other individuals or organisations who are helping us assess and monitor grants, including the Arts Council (ACE) and British Film Institute (BFI). After we reach a decision, we will also tell them the outcome of your application and, if appropriate, why we did not offer you a grant.
    • To hold in our database and use for statistical purposes.
    • To decide whether to give you a grant.
    • If we offer you a grant, we will publish information about you relating to the activity we have funded, including the amount of the grant and the activity it was for. This information may appear in our press releases, in our print and online publications, and in the publications or websites of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), ACE, BFI and any partner organisations who have funded the activity with us.
    • If we offer you a grant, you will support our work, contributing (when asked) to important publicity activities during the period we provide funding for. You will also give us, ACE and BFI, when asked, case studies, images and audio-visual materials that we can use to celebrate excellence.

07 Shorts Support Scheme

  • If you are eligible for a travel grant then you are also eligible to enjoy the broader benefits of the British Council Shorts Support Scheme.

08 British Council Travel Grant Monitoring Form