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An Organization of Dreams

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A writer returns, disillusioned, to London and Paris. He begins on a story: a sleeper cell of young, glamorous urban terrorists. Gabriella, glamorous trophy wife of a young king-in-exile, holed up in an opulent London riverside penthouse, falls under the spell of a modern-day Che Guevara and, Patty Hearst-style, enlists in The Cause. She is sent to Paris under the 'front' of a drama student aiming at film. She takes her studies exceptionally seriously: encounters Bernard Stiegler, the leading philosopher on the subject of cinema and the human condition, and other luminaries. And she meets fellow-"student" activists, half-sister and -brother Julia and Sam, skilled actors who seem more interested in petty crime and scams. Their father is a political prisoner held in London; is he the master-mind? Has he been grooming them since childhood?

Our writer adopts the persona of a sleuth as he follows these anti-heroes. Books are passed, stolen: do they bear coded messages? Why is Gabriella obsessed with capturing her interviews on an outdated Nagra tape-recorder? What is their connection with the incipient terrorism on the city streets?

So our writer/sleuth uncovers events; but is he documenting actuality, or inventing a fiction?


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
35mm, HD, Mixed Media
Ken McMullen
Anders Palm, Fleur Whitlock, Barbara Gorna, David Fairman, Manuela Noble
Anders Palm, Fleur Whitlock, Barbara Gorna, David Fairman, Manuela Noble
Adam Finch
Ken McMullen
Director of Photography
Yorgos Arvanitis, Elso Roque
Tim Barker
Michael Nyman
Principal Cast
Dominique Pinon, John Shrapnel, Gabriella Wright, Julia Faure, Lex Shrapnel, Sam McMullen


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Last updated 20th January 2010

Production Company

Augustine Pictures
34b Rutland Gate
London SW7 1PD

T +44 (0)7711 682 862