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Battle Mountain - Graeme Obree's Story

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Battle Mountain is the story of Graeme Obree’s epic journey. Can a man who broke world records and won world championships 20 years ago still cut it as his fiftieth birthday approaches?
Graeme Obree and his legendary bike “Old Faithful” inspired Sir Chris Hoy – who calls him a genius, as well as Sir Bradley Wiggins and millions of cyclists across the world. 20 years on he has built a bike, and the aerodynamic shell, in his attempt to break the International Human Powered Vehicle Association land speed record.
“BATTLE MOUNTAIN” is an immersive observational documentary showing how Graeme built “The Beastie” (as named by Sir Chris Hoy). Following Graeme as he trains in the Ayrshire rain and the sunshine of Tenerife, and watches as his cardio workouts take him to the point of collapse.
'Battle Mountain' isn’t just about a sport and engineering genius. It is also about the fragility of the human mind and the mental strength required to make you a world record holder. Graeme openly talks about the difficulties he has encountered and survived through his life. He doesn’t shy away from his demons, everything is confronted head on.
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015 - World premiere


Type of film
Running Time
104SL mins
File Based Full HD
David Street 1st Feature
David Street
Executive Producer
Leslie Finlay, Beatrice Neumann, Murray Buchanan
Colin Monie, Berny McGurk
David Street
Director of Photography
David Street
Kahl Henderson
Alun Woodward
Principal Cast
Graeme Obree, Jamie Obree, Sir Chris Hoy, Charlie "Chick" Milarvie, Euan Obree

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Production Company

Journey Pictures Ltd
60 Woodlinn Avenue
G44 5TT
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