The final 25 films

Newly online from May 2014

In May 2014 we were delighted to upload the final 25 films to complete the British Council Film Collection online.

War Come To London - online for the first time May 2014

The final 25 films that complete the British Council Film Collection - all available online to view and download here now:

A Farmer’s Boy (1945)                     
A young man learns to become a farmer, keen to show the integration of traditional farming with modern science and education.

Atlantic (1940)   
Using diagrams, 'Atlantic' explores the history of the empires surrounding the Atlantic Ocean over the last 600 years.

Britain Shoulders Arms (1940)     
Featuring footage of World War 1 and military training manoeuvres of all kinds, 'Britain Shoulders Arms' explores the British army as it modernises and goes to war.

Coastal Village (1943)                      
A look at daily life in a traditional fishing community is south-west England.

Common Ground (1944)                
As the war rages in Europe, allies of Britain keep their cultures alive in their National Houses.

Full Cycle (1941)
The miners of Britain work day and night to keep the country fuelled in this exploration of the industrial coal-mining process.

Lessons from the Air (1943)          
The BBC works to provide an enriching Schools broadcast that teaches children about other cultures.

Out of the Night (1941)
A look at the education and vocational training of the visually impaired.

Plastics (1945)    
The development and manufacture of plastic, and its many uses in the everyday world.

Power on the Land (1943)             
Power on the Land demonstrates how advances in technology and machinery have helped modernise agriculture.

Power to Order (1941)
Power to Order follows the production of a steam locomotive at the renowned Doncaster works.

River Tyne (1945)
A look at the communities and industries that line the banks of the River Tyne.

Routine Job (1946)                           
The Flying Squad of New Scotland Yard works to solve the mystery of some stolen crates of tea.

Sailors Without Uniform (1940)   
A look at the lives of Britain’s hardworking fishermen, and how their work has been changed by war.

Sea Scouts (1941)                              
A light-hearted look at the history of the Sea Scouts and the many skills its members can acquire.

Song of the Clyde (1942)                
Song of the Clyde’ follows the river Clyde with music; from its upland origins, past industrial towns, and through Glasgow, to the sea.

Steel (1945)        
A Technicolor masterpiece, 'Steel' explores the manufacture of steel and the workings of a foundry.

The Story of English Inns (1944)  
The roles inns have played in England over the years and the social centres they are today.

Swinging the Lambeth Walk (1940)
An avant-garde piece produced by Len Lye, colours and shapes accompany the popular 1930s tune ‘Swinging the Lambeth Walk’.

Teeth of Steel (1942)                       
The mechanical power of giant excavators and the work they do to help Britain’s growth.

These Children are Safe (1940)   
A look at the logistics and positive results of evacuation at the beginning of the Second World War.

Thoroughbred (1940)                      
Thoroughbred explores the topic of horse-breeding and the continuing uses of horses in Britain.

Wales (1942)      
An overview of Welsh scenery and industry, Wales shows both the beauty of the country and its contribution to the war effort.

War Comes to London (1940)      
Britain enters World War Two, and the capital prepares itself for the trials ahead.

Western Waterway (1941)          
The Bristol Avon from its Cotswolds source, though old Bristol, to the large port at Avonmouth.