Jack Cardiff

Jack Cardiff


Born in 1914, Jack Cardiff is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest cinematographers of all time and is renowned for his use of colour film.

Cardiff was the first person in Britain to shoot with Technicolor film when he made Wings of the Morning (1937). Following this, he made several short travelogue films before working on the British Council Film Collection.

Cardiff would go on to provide colour cinematography for such eminent directors as Alfred Hitchcock and Powell and Pressburger. Perhaps his most famous films were Black Narcissus (1947) and The Red Shoes (1948), the former of which won him an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for cinematography. In 2000, he also received an Academy Honorary Award in recognition of his work.

Jack Cardiff died on 22nd April 2009 - the same day as director Ken Annakin, who also worked on the British Council Film Collection.

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