About the Directory

British Council Film’s British Films Directory is an extensive searchable database of new British films

Grant Orchard's BAFTA winning A Morning Stroll

The British Films Directory contains a continuously expanding record of UK features, shorts, documentaries and animation. Its archive of British films extends back to 1998.

Each entry contains a brief synopsis, along with information on the sales agent, production company, cast and crew.

Films In Production
A separate section which lists British feature films in progress either in pre-production, production, or post-production, prior to their inclusion in the British Films Directory. It also lists a film's director, producers, screenwriter, cast, sales agent and production status.

If you would like to enter your film into the Directory - either while it is in production or if it is already complete - you can suggest a new film.

Let us know if you spot any amendments you'd like us to make by mailing us at: arts@britishcouncil.org.

Britfilms Catalogue
Each year, we also choose a selection of films from the British Films Directory to form the Britfilms Catalogue. The Catalogue is compiled and released as a printable PDF, and intended particularly to assist Festival programmers, film buyers, filmmakers, students and historians. The Britfilms Catalogue is selected to represent the wide range of British Films made each year.

We also compile the occasional additional Catalogue at various points throughout the year in order to highlight UK films that have been selected for major international film festivals.