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Chris Helcermanas-Benge


Conquest is the story of a North American prairie town: of a young man who believes that despite the town's decline it is still the most wonderful, beautiful place on earth; and of an exotic young woman from the north of England who has travelled the world in search of a place to belong, and despite her reluctance may just have found it.

Conquest has seen better days. Most people have moved away and those who have stayed are getting on a bit. Except Pincer Bedier. At 32, he has returned to run the small bank and he is not afraid of spending his bank's money to keep the town alive! The most cynical is Grace Gallagher, a woman in her 70's who has never given up on her dream to live in a real place like Rome.

Beautiful and mysterious Daisy MacDonald lands in town when her sports car breaks down. To Daisy, Pincer's town is the end of the earth, the last place she can see herself staying. Her presence begins to perk up the town. Daisy however has found herself with a problem. She's fallen in love with the banker.

In this off-beat romantic comedy, almost everyone gets what they want. Grace finds a way to escape. Pincer finds a way for his dreams to live on and Daisy finds the nerve to get off the road.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Piers Haggard
Christina Jennings, Stephen Onda
Director of Photography
Gerald Packer
Principal Cast
Lothaire Bluteau, Tara Fitzgerald
Screen Writer
Rob Forsyth


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