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Dead When I Got Here

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This film is about a man finding purpose for his life in the most unlikely place after years of self-destruction. Infested with gangrene, unable to walk, Josué was cast out of the traumatised streets of Juárez, México into the desert and dumped in a mental asylum run by its own patients. Assisted by people employing empathy as the only means of survival, Josué transcended near death - discovering compassion in his darkest hours. Six years later, Josué manages the asylum. He dreams of his estranged daughter in California - last seen 22 years ago. Trawling the Internet, Vanessa encounters her father in the trailer for this film. The reunion offers Josué possibility to repair his shattered past and start life afresh.


Type of film
Running Time
72 mins
Mark Aitken
Mark Aitken
Executive Producer
Chuck Bowden
Sibila Estruch
Mark Aitken
Director of Photography
Mark Aitken
Mark Pilkington
Principal Cast
Josué Rosales

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Last updated 10th February 2015

Production Company

UK, Mexico, US coproduction

Tacit Films (UK)