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Dream English Kid 1964-1999AD

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Turner prize-winning artist Mark Leckey’s autobiographical film started with a piece of found bootleg documentation of a Joy Division gig that he attended in 1979, and the realisation that many of our personal memories and experiences can now be found online. From there, 'Dream English Kid' attempts to create a record of all the significant events in Leckey’s life during the late 20th Century through found traces of film, adverts and popular music- Benjamin Cook, LFF
Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2015 - Experimenta Strand


Type of film
Running Time
30 mins
Mark Leckey
Mark Leckey
Executive Producer
Film London (FLAMIN)
Director of Photography
Martin Testar
Additional Crew
Production Manager, Fiona Fletcher; Production Co-ordinator, Harriet Fleuriot; Animation, James Lownes; CGI Artist, Tim Bacon; Set Build and Stills Photographer, James Mullord; Post-Production, Gorilla TV

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Last updated 29th September 2015

Production Company

Commissioned by FLAMIN Productions through Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network with funding from Arts Council England

Mark Leckey


c/o Mark Leckey