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17 August

Shakespeare Lives in Debate

British House, Rio de Janeiro

"The Histories: a nation, amidst political conflict, dissolves in chaos."A discussion about the eight Histories Cycle plays, by director Sir Michael Boyd, considered the best production of the new century.






02 July -17 August

Haroon Mirza

Espaço Pivô, São Paulo

After a two-month residency, British artist Haroon Mirza brings the site specific exhibit ÃÃÃ, with images generated by a custom eletronic device created by the artist called the “Emerging Paradigm”.

20 August

The Tempest

British House, Rio de Janeiro

Directed by UK-based director, Vik Sivaligham, two performances in Portuguese with local actors – one of three productions we have supported in Brazil in partnership with People´s Palace Projects.





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people visited the exhibit "Lucian Freud: Corpos e Rostos" at MASP in São Paulo in 2013


people were part of the first edition of the Unlimited Festival in Rio de Janeiro in 2013


people watched restored silent films by Hitchcock at Copacabana beach during Festival Rio 2012 - Focus UK


students benefited from our projects and partnerships in the music sector


of enterpreneurs who received our training are already selling their products and services


Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI - British Council was the winner of the prestigious drama Shell Awards in the Innovation category in 2016.

Sterling Pounds invested by UK sources since 2012

of Reais invested by Brazilian sources since 2012

people took part on Transform acivities in Brazil and the UK

producers, artists and managers participated in our workshops and trainings

organisations connected during the programe, 114 British, 85 Brazilian

cities (in 9 states) of Brazil and UK joined the programme since 2012

Transforming Conversations
The transforming power of the arts, through the lenses of our collaborators

“Art transforms everything."
Jo Clifford

Q&A with Jo Clifford

Playwright, Poet and Actress

“Whatever it has been a profound change in human consciousness, whatever it has been a profound change in the political systems, then art has been involved in them.”

How do you see the current LGBT/Human Rights situation both in Brazil and Scotland?

One of the things that make me proud to be Scottish is that a research has now shown that in terms of legal rights this is one of the best countries to be LGBT in the world. Obviously Brazil has a lot of work to do in this regard. And yet I received warmth and acceptance and understanding far greater than anything I've received in Scotland. This struck me with particular force in the hospital in Belo Horizonte. In terms of people's behavior to me on a day to day level, I would say Scotland has a lot to learn from Brazil. [...]


"Art transforms our outlook."
Natália Mallo

Q&A with Natália Mallo

Producer, director, composer and independent curator

“You see things differently, you break free from rules on how you see and understand everything.”

You touch on delicate subjects that are just starting to be debated in Brazil, like the dance spectacle with ballet dancer Marc Brew who performs in his wheelchair, for example. How has the public reaction been so far?

We notice a significant transformation in our audience's outlook through their feedback. I think that disability still generates a lot of prejudice, a lot of rejection. It’s the biggest minority, isn’t it? – I read that 10% of the population has some kind of disability. And where are these people? Where are the people in wheelchairs? It gives the impression that there isn’t any, doesn’t it? But it’s because they don’t have access, and it starts in the architecture, on the ramp, in the street… From the car, the entrance in the car, getting down, getting to places, in the bathroom… there are always barriers. Starting from physical ones. But there is still the mentality barrier, the terminology, and how people refer to it, they are still taboo subjects. [...]


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