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It’s impossible not to evolve, it’s impossible not to learn, it’s impossible not to grow as an artist. This experience has transformed myself and my craft. – Herbert Bianchi, participant of the 7th Núcleo de Dramaturgia.


Shakespeare once wrote that the old distrust of youth because they were young. And it’s not without reason: there’s nothing more potent, promising and transforming than youth. It keeps within it all the promises of change, innovation and construction. And also of destruction, both of itself and others. That’s why opportunities are so essential – because through them, impetus, talent and inexhaustible energy turn into creation. With the aim to developing new talents from dramaturgy, British Council has promoted, within the Transform Programme, exchange projects of experiences in Brazilian and British methodology in drama.

Liliane Rebelo
Arts Manager for Drama and Dance


Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI - British Council was the winner of the prestigious drama Shell Awards in the Innovation category in 2016.


pessoas assistiram à 9a Mostra Conexões de Teatro Jovem em São Paulo em 2015


new authors had their plays selected for readings, professional productions and publishings by SESI-SP

New outlooks, new writings

One good example is Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI – British Council, (SESI – British Council’s Dramaturgy Centre), a reference in continuing education programme where Brazilian actors go through an intensive training in drama techniques. Besides investing in capacity building, the Dramaturgy Centre also aims to encourage creations that express new point of views and ways to communicate in drama, and also gives opportunities to new talents from overlooked communities to develop their craft and introduce their work. One of the centre's workshops has been with Scottish transsexual playwright Jo Clifford on ‘The empathy in dramaturgical writing: developing the listening’. There’s nothing like the empathy itself and its practice to a truly representative and potent art form.


VIDEO: Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI - British Council

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Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI - British Council was originated in 2007, before Transform, and this partnership has only strengthened ever since. Already in its 8th edition, twelve new Brazilian authors attend workshops, masterclasses and lectures with British playwrights for a pedior of then months every year. At the end of the course, every student has their own play written in hands. “All the plays created during the course are published in its entirety, no cuts, no edition, by (the Publisher) Editora SESI – SP”, states Alexandra Miamoto, SESI Cultural Operations Interim Manager. Among the new plays, some are selected to be read to an open audience and some are produced. “The desire here is to extract new points of view about the world from within these new authors”, states Márcia Salomão, the Centre’s literary coordinator. In 2016, Núcleo won the Prêmio Shell de Teatro in the Innovation category, an important recognition and indication that investing in discovering and developing of new playwrights is well worth it, indeed.

Connecting to expand

Another Transform project in drama is Conexões de Teatro Jovemthe Brazilian version of National Theatre Connections, which exists for over 20 years and has produced more than one hundred plays. Open to drama groups composed by young students between 12 and 19 years old coming from both public and private schools and independent institutions, it offers an intensive learning process that includes text readings, immersion workshops with authors, rehearsals, seminars and performances. In partnership with Colégio São Luis, Cultura Inglesa and Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena, Connections invites renowned authors from Brazil to write new plays to be performed by these groups, in addition to translating and producing British plays by renowned authors. “It’s a project that promotes dramaturgy made for and by young people”, explains Liliane Rebelo, British Council Arts Manager.


“It’s a project that brings together education, inclusion, social and artistic development.”

Liliane Rebelo, Arts Manager for Drama and Dance - British Council

Conexões aims to encourage the interaction between Drama and Education and discussing young people’s common issues regardless of nationality. On a visit to Brazil, the Scottish company Junction 25 performed a play collaboratively written by 14 young people from Glasgow. It’s been also performed by three other groups within the project that have made their own version of the text. “There were universal issues that we wanted to explore, like the pressure over youth related to Education and the pressure of schools”, states Clare, from the Scottish group. In 2016 Conexões celebrates their 10th anniversary in Brazil with a portfolio that includes famous names such as Patrick Marber, author of Closer and Notes on a Scandal, Lucinda Coxon, Alexandre Dal Farra e Luciane Guedes. “It’s a project that brings together education, inclusion, social and artistic development”, says Liliane. Despite speaking different languages, and coming from such diverse origins and backgrounds, the group’s passionate involvement was the proof that we really see – and transform – each other through the arts.

Transforming Conversations

“Art transforms everything."
Jo Clifford

Jo Clifford, Scottish playwright, poet and actress talks about her work with British Council/Transform projects with Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI - British Council, Unlimited and FLUPP.


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