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Short Sighted goes to Manchester

8th October 2015

BAFTA and British Council’s annual Short Sighted programme is back for another year - and this time we’re going on tour!

Black Out by Eva Weber, who will go under our Short Sighted spotlight

Designed to help guide short filmmakers in the tricky business of getting your films seen - whether via festival circuits, online, with a view to making money, or simplyjust  pulling the biggest crowds, this is a must-attend annual event.

We’ll be staging two individual Short Sighted days - first visiting BAFTA's HQ in London on 14 November, and then heading to Manchester for the newly established HOME on 5 December, with both days seeing a packed programme of talks from the best in the short film business.

The London event includes speakers from London Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Shorts International and We Are Colony, whilst HOME in Manchester will play host to speakers including Janet Pierson (Head of Film at SXSW) and Jordan McGarry (Lead Curator at Vimeo).

To book tickets for this event presented in association with Shooting People, visit the BAFTA website for the London programme or visit the HOME website for the Manchester programme