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Kurt and Courtney

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Sin/Martyn Goodacre


In April of 1994 rock legend Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Pacific Northwest home, an apparent victim of suicide. Cobain, lead singer and songwriter for the seminal band Nirvana, touched the core of a generation with music that reflected the growth anguish, loneliness and confusion of growing up in a world shattered by unraveling families and values. His death, though foreshadowed by admitted troubles with drugs and depression, shocked the world.

Three years later, British filmmaker Nick Broomfield set out to make the first feature film about Cobain's tumultuous life, tragic death and very public romance with wife Courtney Love.

But Broomfield never got to make the film he wanted to make - due to restraint and interference by Love, her various media companies, agents and representatives. So, instead he made Kurt and Courtney - the story of how he tried to make a movie about Generation X's most famous lovers, the people he met and the powers that tried to stop him along the way.

Kurt and Courtney is not a rockumentary. In fact, Courtney Love prevented Broomfield from licensing all but one of Nirvana's songs. Instead, the film is a human mystery - an inquiry into how Cobain lived and more importantly, why it is that he died so young and so sorrowfully. But it is also an inquiry into the treacherous nature of fame, ambition and media control - and the role they played and continue to play in the legacies of Kurt and Courtney. Finally, the film has elements of a chase, as Broomfield and his kamikaze video crew attempt to find the elusive Courtney Love and get her to answer the questions they hoped she would volunteer to answer in the beginning.


Type of film
Running Time
99 mins
35mm Kodak
Nick Broomfield
Nick Fraser
Executive Producer
Nick Fraser
Director of Photography
Joan Burchill, Alex Vendor
Principal Cast
Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love

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