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Little Voice

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Based on Jim Cartwright's play "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice", Jane Horrocks stars in this bittersweet-comedy as the mysterious "LV", who lives in the attic of an unkempt house on the corner of a dead-end street in a seaside town in Northern England. Ever since her father's death, LV has been silent, spending her days listening to his incredible record collection and living in the enchanted charm of his favourite singers and performers. Meanwhile, her motor-mouthed mother Mari - all brass and no class - is living it up, continuing on a booze cruise for exciting lovers.

Then a new man struts into Mari's life: Ray Say, a sleazy and spectacularly unsuccessful local talent agent who Mari thinks of as 'Elvis Breath' and her best chance yet for 'loving'. Meanwhile, LV has a revelatory run-in of her own with a man almost as shy as she is - a telephone repair-man named Billy who isn't much for vocal communication. It is the first time anyone, other than her father, has paid attention to her.

But just as things are opening up for Little Voice, Ray Say hears the magical strains of Judy Garland coming from her room - and realises that's no ghost, it's Little Voice. Stunned by her talent, he smells the big times. Dreams and desperations collide as he and Mari stake everything on making the terrified and resistant Little Voice into a star.

At last, Little Voice agrees to go public with her amazing impersonation, but just once . . .


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Mark Herman
Nik Powell, Stephen Woolley
Executive Producer
Nik Powell, Stephen Woolley
Director of Photography
Andy Collins
Principal Cast
Michael Caine, Jane Horrocks, Ewan McGregor, Brenda Blethyn
Screen Writer
Mark Herman

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Last updated 26th November 2005

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Scala Productions
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London W1V 5TS
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Miramax International
Elsley House
24-30 Gt Titchfield Street
London W1P 7AD
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