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Lucia is a film set in 1998 which uses the essential elements of Walter Scott's plot to present a drama about a beautiful young woman who indulges her love for a handsome singer despite her brother's cynical plans to marry her off to an alcoholic American tenor whose rich parents have promised to provide the money to save Hamish's magnificent but crumbling Scottish stately home (called Lammermoor!).

Don Boyd, the film's writer and director, has interwoven into this contemporary tale two elements which allow him to draw on Donizetti's music and the historical context of the story. Kate Ashton is a very talented soprano and Hamish decides to present 'Lucia di Lammermoor' in celebration of his sister's wedding to Oliver. As the protagonists in the film rehearse and present the music, the principal contemporary characters (Kate and Sam) reinforce their passion for each other through the fantasies and dreams they experience as a natural extension of their work as performers. These are manifested dramatically in the historical imagery of Scott's novel. While the movie progresses, the audience is invited to shift seamlessly between reality and fantasy, real characters and performers, contemporary and historical situations. So much so that the distinctions become irrelevant. The audience is quite literally seduced into absorbing a contemporary drama which is outrageously laced with twentieth-century dance/house music, eighteenth-century situations, nineteenth-century Romantic classical music and witty modern cinematic imagery. In that sense, Lucia is like no other movie made before.


Type of film
Running Time
128 mins
Don Boyd
Henry Herbert
Executive Producer
Henry Herbert
Director of Photography
Dewald Aukema
Principal Cast
Amanda Boyd, Richard Coxon and Mark Holland
Screen Writer
Don Boyd


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