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Mad Cows

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Every woman wants to be wanted . . . just not by the entire Metropolitan Police Force.

Maddy's first day out with her newborn takes a Kafkaesque turn when she's arrested in Harrods for shoplifting. If this is a miscarriage of justice, then detaining her in Holloway Prison's Mother and Baby Unit is the pits. Panicked at the thought of enforced adoption, she smuggles Jack to freedom in her friend Gillian's handbag - a woman with the maternal instincts of a guppy fish.

Finding herself a runner-up in the Human Race, the only person Maddy can turn to is her hot-to-trot ex-lover Alex . . . who proves himself as useful as a solar-powered vibrator on a rainy day. The trouble with Alex is his sex appeal - he gives generously.

Will Maddy ever escape the evil clutches of Edwina Phelps, prison psychotherapist? With the emphasis on physcho. Will she ever see Alex for what he is: a self-made man . . . who worships his creator? When will Alex realise that a 'paternity suit' is not the latest look in men's wear? How do you brief a lawyer with a heat seeking penis which does not report to mission control? And why the hell is Gillian searching for a sperm happy to get egg all over its face?

There's hard knocks and rude shocks in this devastatingly witty screenplay. You'll split your episiotomy stitches laughing.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Sara Sugarman 1st Feature
Jane Barclay, Sharon Harel, Chris J. Ball, Will Tyrer
Director of Photography
Pierre Aim
Principal Cast
Anna Friel, Joanna Lumley, Greg Wise, Leslie Phillips, Phyllida Law, Anna Massey
Executive Screen Writers
Sasha Hails, Sara Sugarman, from noevl by Kathy Lettes

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Last updated 26th November 2005

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