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Market Town

About the film

A typical market day in the old town of Newark, Nottinghamshire.


Release year
Mary Field
Production company
G.B. Instructional Limited
Jack Parker
Running time (minutes)
10 mins 28 secs
G.J. Cons

Original Description

‘A film of market day in an old Nottinghamshire town. The roads are full of traffic, of country people bringing their cattle, poultry, fruit and vegetables. Farmers show each other samples of grain; they crowd the cattle market. A market town is the centre of the life of the surrounding countryside.’
(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1942-1943)


  • Market Town is an interesting film to compare to modern day Newark, as much of the town remains the same aesthetically. For example the Midland Hotel (02:03), the Market, and Town Hall (08:31) are all still much as they were.
  • Dr R.R. Reid of the BFI’s Educational Panel heavily criticised Market Town, as Newark had not in fact developed into a town around a market, as indicated in the film, but around Newark Castle.

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