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Mickey B

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Geoff Gillam, Simon Wood


Mickey B is a world first, a feature film adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, made with serving prisoners as cast, in Northern Ireland's notorious maximum security prison, HMP Maghaberry.

Set in the fictional private prison of Burnam, where gangs run the wings, violence and drugs are the common currency.

Duncan, the number one drug dealer, is about to be released. Mickey B is the muscle collecting on his behalf.

The three witches take on the guise of three bookies, fixing the odds for their own ends. Ladyboy, Mickey B's bitch embodies the corrupting role of the queen of hate, scheming to reach the number one slot.

Shot in hand held close up with cold, razor-blue filters, an unrelenting claustrophobic intimacy draws us into this dark world of ashen, scarred faces and tattooed flesh. Casual everyday violence, bourn out of the prisoners’ first hand experiences, ensures gritty, authentic and visceral performances. The laconic, drawling voices snake the story through each unexpected shocking attack. The brutality of clipped street slang delivered at staccato pace punctuates the monotony of endless prison time. This is a Macbeth like no other.


Type of film
Running Time
62 mins
Tom Magill 1st Feature
Dean Hagan
Sam McClean, Jason Thompson, Tom Magill
Director of Photography
Angus Mitchell
Production Designer
Lisa Stewart
Simon Wood
Dean Hagan
Principal Cast
David Conway, Jason Thompson, Sam McClean, Robert Flanagan

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