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Mr Calzaghe

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A Documentary Feature about World Champion boxer Joe Calzaghe, and his extravagant father Enzo, who trained him throughout his 20 year career. Their journey started in a tin shed on the windswept hills of the Welsh Valleys and ended under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden – fighting for a final payday that neither could have ever imagined.

Some say he’s the real life Rocky. But Rocky lost... Joe never did.

The film charts Joe's life from impoverished beginnings in industrial Wales and a child-hood of gruelling training and horrendous bullying, to Joe and Enzo taking on the vicious world of Boxing, beating the best fighters that America could throw at them and getting out with their lives, relationship and fortune in tact.

A rags to riches tale of incredible sporting challenges and triumphs and an emotional study of a unique father and son team.

The film inspires us to look to a new breed of fighting champion. Do we want our sons and daughters to respect those who did it all regardless of the personal cost? Or those who can now look to a long and bright future and fresh new challenges with their loved ones by their side?



Type of film
Running Time
86 mins
Vaughan Sivell 1st Feature
Stephen Riera, Vaughan Sivell
Executive Producer
Mike Rattenbury, Andrew Thomas, Franki Goodwin
Matteo Bini
Director of Photography
Ricky Patel
Additional Sound Mixer: Mustafa Bal
Composer: Ceiri Torjussen
Principal Cast
Joe Calzaghe, Enzo Calzaghe, Matthew Rhys, Michael J Fox, Ioan Gruffudd, Mike Tyson, Steve Farhood, Gareth A. Davies, James Dean Bradfield (Manic Street Preachers), Chris Eubank, Thomas Hauser, Mikkel Kessler
Andrew Renard Droege, Camera Operator
Andrew Renard Droege

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Last updated 11th November 2015

Production Company

Western Edge Pictures Limited
Franki Goodwin
9 Wimpole Street