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My Kingdom

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Sandeman (Richard Harris) is the biggest and most feared crime lord in the economically depressed and ravaged city of Liverpool. But an unexpected event is about to cause his kingdom to crumble. For when his beloved wife Mandy (Lynn Redgrave) is shot dead in a mugging incident, Sandeman is convinced it was really premeditated murder.

Consumed by grief and determined to learn the truth behind his wife's shocking death, Sandeman's rage only agitates other long festering rivalries and bitter resentments. And most of those emanate from inside his close-knit family.

Broken and at a loss without Mandy, Sandeman decides his time is up and hands over all the money from his illegal empire to his three daughters. However, ex-drug addict Jo (Emma Catherwood), the youngest and Sandeman's favourite, has already turned her back on the family business and doesn't want anything to do with the dirty money. Brothel owner Kath (Louise Lombard) is the eldest daughter and she wants more than her fair share. Together with corrupt Detective Sergeant Puttnam (Aidan Gillen) she puts a revenge plan in motion that has a devastating impact on the entire family. Football club owner Tracy (Lorraine Pilkington) knows her father is expecting a mystery shipment from Amsterdam and intends to become a major player in the huge deal at whatever the cost.

And that cost is going to be great for everyone. From Kath's husband Dean (Paul McGann) and her young son Boy (Reece Noi) to Tracey's sadistic spouse Jug (Jimi Mistry) and investigating Customs and Excise officer Quick (Tom Bell)- no one will remain untouched by the jealous, dangerous and lethal enmity erupting between the Sandeman sisters.


Type of film
Running Time
116 mins
35mm, Kodak
Don Boyd
William Turner, Nadine Mellor
Adam Ross
Don Boyd, Nick Davies
Director of Photography
Dewald Aukema
Giancarlo Dellapina
Deirdre Gribbin, Simon Fisher Turner
Principal Cast
Richard Harris, Lynn Redgrave, Tom Bell, Louise Lombard, Lorraine Pilkington, Emma Catherwood, Jimi Mistry, Paul McGann, Colin Salmon, Aidan Gillen


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