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It's Back! fiveFilms4freedom 2016 - LGBT films for the world

Coming in March 2016 | Global

As BFI Flare, London's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Film Festival, screened for the capital's viewers in 2015, we staged an ambitious programme to make five of the Festival's films available free for everyone everywhere. Now we're looking for your help to do it all again in 2016.






fiveFilms4freedom – Love is a human right...

In 2015, we created the world’s first global, online LGBT Film Festival. We made five short films from the BFI’s Flare Festival available for everyone everywhere.

We asked people around the world to watch a film and join us to say that love is a human right.   Millions of people in 135 countries took to social media using the hashtag #FiveFilms4Freedom.

We’re now looking for the five short films that will become 2016’s fiveFilms4freedom.   If you’d like your short considered then please submit your film to BFI Flare before 18 December 2015.

To submit your film, complete the online submission form here.  Before completing the form, please ensure you have read the submission regulations and you are able to provide all required information.  You can find out all the details about the 2016 BFI Flare submissions process here.


Read on to find out how fiveFilms4freedom happened in 2015:

You took part - Talking about #FiveFilms4Freedom
Our five films were available to view by everyone from 19-29 March 2015, and we asked people around the world to watch just one of the five films then tweet, talk about it and share on social media to show that love is a basic human right. Millions of you did just that - have a look at #FiveFilms4Freedom to see what people thought.

fiveFilms4freedom was the first time either the British Council or the British Film Institute had initiated a global, digital human rights film event. In fact, fiveFilms4freedom was the world’s first global, digital LGBT film festival.

From 19–29 March 2015, audiences in London enjoyed BFI Flare.   For the first time ever the British Council and BFI Flare made 5 short films available free and online for people around the world, through the BFI Player.

Our first five films representede a cross section of contemporary LGBT short film. The films were made by lesbians, gay men and trans filmmakers, and ranged from sweet short stories about first love, through political challenge, to exuberant activism. They are polished, rough, funny, sad and inspiring. They each have a different voice.

On one single day - Wednesday 25 March 2015 - fiveFilms4freedom asked the world to watch a movie together and show that love is a basic human right.

fiveFilms4freedom will be back in 2016 - it is a chance for audiences everywhere to enjoy a taster of LGBT cinema; to find out a little bit more about emerging LGBT filmmakers from around the world; and most importantly, to show support for freedom and equality everywhere.

You can no longer view the first fiveFilms online - but you can find out more about the films by scrolling to the foot of this page and clicking the links below - and you can still watch a special interview with each of the five filmmakers by clicking here.

Charles Radcliffe, Chief of Global Issues at the United Nations Human Rights Office, and Head of the UN Free and Equal campaign, helped launch the 2015#fiveFilms4freedom campaign to ask the world to watch a movie and show that love is a human right. Watch Charles’ message for LGBT people everywhere and hear why the UN Free and Equal campaign supported fiveFilms4freedom by clicking here.

Working in schools?
Our Schools Online team has developed a resource pack for use in schools, focussing on two of our fiveFilms, Code Academy and An Afternoon. Aimed at pupils ages 14+, the pack uses the films to stimulate student discussion. (NB. in some countries teachers may prefer to use this material with older students). You can download the pack on the right of this page - and see many more resources for schools at

More on this...

  • 19th March 2015True Wheel

    Welcome to Fender Bender, a bicycle workshop collective for the queer, trans and women’s communities of Detroit.

    Watch TRUE WHEEL by clicking here NOW!

    More about Nora Mandray here

  • 19th March 2015An Afternoon (En Eftermiddag)

    Director Søren Green, Denmark 2015, 9 mins
    Writer Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Søren Green
    Cinematographer Jonas Berlin

    Mathias and Frederick hang out after school. But does Mathias have the courage to tell his friend how he really feels?

    Watch AN AFTERNOON by clicking here NOW!

    More about Søren Green here


    • An Afternoon

    An Afternoon

  • 19th March 2015Chance

    A chance meeting between Trevor and Amir stirs up unexpected passions.
    Director / writer Jake Graf, UK, 2015, 16 mins

    Watch CHANCE by clicking here NOW!

    More about director Jake Graf here.

  • 19th March 2015Morning is Broken

    Director / writer Simon Anderson, UK  2014, 9 mins
    Producer/s James Northcote, Elisabeth Hopper
    Cinematographer Craig Dean Devine
    with Matthew Tennyson, Nigel Allen, Jack Hawkins

    At the end of his older brother’s wedding in the lush English countryside, a young man struggles to deal with his sexuality.

    Director Simon Anderson talks about his debut short:

    'Morning is Broken is a coming-of-age short film about a young manwho is struggling to deal with the uncertainty of his sexuality. This is astory that, I feel, resonates with any person growing up in a culturethat sees 'being gay' as negative, akin to a failure.A major part of growing up is exploring who you are, making mistakesand coming to terms with what you like and don't like. Sam's struggleto accept his own sexuality is something I believe many people willrelate to. Homophobia and the use of 'gay' as a curse word at schoolcan make many people feel that they must silence what they want, inplace of what society views as a success.I hope that this film will explore these issues in an interesting and visuallyarresting way, while showing that true success and happinessis not always achieved by accepting what others expect of you.'

    Watch MORNING IS BROKEN by clicking here NOW!

    Find out more about Simon Anderson and his producers Elisabeth Hopper and James Northcote here.


    Morning Is Broken

  • 19th March 2015Code Academy

    (Director, Nisha Ganatra, USA 2014, 16 mins)

    When searching for love in all the virtual places, Frankie, Libby and Sheridan of The Code Academy are their own worst enemy.

    Watch CODE ACADEMY by clicking here NOW!

    More about Nisha Ganatra here