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  • 19th March 2015Morning is Broken

    Director / writer Simon Anderson, UK  2014, 9 mins
    Producer/s James Northcote, Elisabeth Hopper
    Cinematographer Craig Dean Devine
    with Matthew Tennyson, Nigel Allen, Jack Hawkins

    At the end of his older brother’s wedding in the lush English countryside, a young man struggles to deal with his sexuality.

    Director Simon Anderson talks about his debut short:

    'Morning is Broken is a coming-of-age short film about a young manwho is struggling to deal with the uncertainty of his sexuality. This is astory that, I feel, resonates with any person growing up in a culturethat sees 'being gay' as negative, akin to a failure.A major part of growing up is exploring who you are, making mistakesand coming to terms with what you like and don't like. Sam's struggleto accept his own sexuality is something I believe many people willrelate to. Homophobia and the use of 'gay' as a curse word at schoolcan make many people feel that they must silence what they want, inplace of what society views as a success.I hope that this film will explore these issues in an interesting and visuallyarresting way, while showing that true success and happinessis not always achieved by accepting what others expect of you.'

    Watch MORNING IS BROKEN by clicking here NOW!

    Find out more about Simon Anderson and his producers Elisabeth Hopper and James Northcote here.


    Morning Is Broken