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It's Back! fiveFilms4freedom 2016 - LGBT films for the world

The UN's Charles Radcliffe on fiveFilms4Freedom

25 March 2015

UN Free and Equal Campaign video helps launch 2015 #fiveFilms4freedom

Charles Radcliffe, Chief of Global Issues at the United Nations Human Rights Office, and Head of the UN Free and Equal campaign, helps launch the 2015 #fiveFilms4freedom campaign to ask the world to watch a movie and show that love is a human right.    

Watch Charles’s message for LGBT people everywhere and hear why the UN Free and Equal campaign is supporting fiveFilms4freedom.


Highlights from our interview include support for LGBT people around the world:
"The UN Secretary General and leaders of countries around the world have made LGBT issues a priority.   You are not alone.  There’s a whole world out there of people who care about these issues and support you.  Change is coming.  We want to help you".

On #fiveFilms4freedom:
"Film is a great way to reach people, get them to think and create empathy.  Film has a unique ability to do that and challenge stereotypes.  Film’s a powerful medium.  These are five amazing films that deserve a big audience and if the UN can help promote the initiative and the films we are happy to do that".

What the UN is doing in support of LGBT communities around the world:
"The UN is not neutral on these matters:  we are in the middle of this fight for equality, this struggle unfolding right around the world and we speak out strongly.   People have the right to their own identity and family life; the right to live freely and safely; and the right to be respected no matter what they look like or who they love. The UN advocates for change and makes the case for change to Governments.  We respond to allegations of human rights violations and raise these.  We assist on the ground aroud the world:  UN people are helping make those changes happen.  But change isn’t just about changing laws - it’s also about changing hearts and minds.  That’s why the UN has Free and Equal, a public information campaign on freedom and equality for LGBT communities everywhere".

Take part! Talk about #FiveFilms4Freedom
Our five films are available to view by everyone from 19-29 March, but on one single day - 25 March 2015 - we're asking people around the world to watch just one of the five films. Tweet, talk about it and share #FiveFilms4Freedom on social media if you can, to show that show that love is a basic human right.