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The filmmaker is king - Jeanie Finlay blogs from Tribeca

Jeanie Finlay and team take to the Tribeca red carpet

  • Photoshoot in full swing

  • On stage entertainment follows the premiere

April 2015

Jeanie Finlay was in New York last week to unveil her latest film, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King, at the Tribeca Film Festival. Here she describes how it happened - and shares some great photos - scroll through the images above by clicking the arrow.

It’s the morning after the night before. The ‘night before’ being the world premiere of my film Orion: The Man Who Would Be King at Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

I have been making Orion: The Man Who Would Be King on and off for around six years – weaved in and around my other films (Sound It Out, The Great Hip Hop Hoax and Panto!) so to finally get to show the film to an audience of strangers was a deeply odd, thrilling, terrifying and exciting experience.

The build up to the premiere has been intense, with Tribeca being the start of a four-festival screening flurry. After New York I travel to Nashville Film Festival. HotDocs in Toronto and Doxa in Vancouver, then home. Before leaving the UK there was the technical challenges of making blu-rays and getting them to NYC on time – who knew they were so tricky?

We also wanetd to make sure that (almost) all of our crowdfunders received their perks as the film was premeiring and could follow the action on social media.

As well as the logistics of making limited edition replica Orion masks for our audience to wear and all the usual guest coordination. A film of this nature that incorporates a huge amount of fan archive means that there are a lot of people waiting and ready to see the film.

There have been a lot of interviews and press  - premiering the teaser in the Hollywood Reporter, premiering the poster on Vice and photo-shoot after photo-shoot after photo-shoot. For someone who has made a career out of avoiding cameras, to be the other side of the camera is a deeply discombobulating experience.

The Orion team is fantastic and I am lucky to be accompanied by my husband / cinematographer on the film Steven Sheil, producer Dewi Gregory, Executive Producer Suzanne Alizart, editor Lucas Roche, and my producer of marketing and distribution Sally Hodgson.

After all the rush and bother – will the DCP play OK? Will people come to the film? Can we get a cab across town on time to make the screening? Will my beehive last the night? Will the Orion fans be happy, Will I thank everyone I need to…? All the bother is over, all is left is the film.

The lights came down and the film played to gasps, satisfying chuckles in the right places and tears. As the credits rolled the Variety review went live on their website – and after 6 years the film was finally out in the world.

Jeanie Finlay will be sending another blog from her travels later next month, detailing the second part of her journey to unveil Orion - at Nashville Film Festival. HotDocs in Toronto and Doxa in Vancouver.