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The World Is Watching Five Films 4 Freedom - til 27 March

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It's back – #Fivefilms4Freedom is an amazing online LGBT film festival with a difference. Five films, chosen from the BFI Flare Festival – London’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Film Festival – are NOW available online for free for the entire festival period (16-27 March 2016) able to be seen online by viewers across the world. We invite everyone everywhere to watch one of the films now in solidarity with those who can't.

This is a wonderful opportunity to send a message to the entire world that love is human right – wherever you are – and we want you to help us get the word out to the world. Watch and share just one of the films in solidarity with people living in places where just watching will mean taking a giant risk.

The five films are now LIVE online!

You can watch the films here (and also below):

You can also meet our five extraordinary filmmakers and hear them talking about the backstory to each of their films by clicking here

This year’s films range from travelling communities to Easter bonnets to the wonderment of growing up, and tell a range of affecting stories about contemporary LGBT life in countries including Brazil, Ireland, Spain, the Philippines and the UK. They are polished, rough, funny, sad and inspiring and each has a different voice.

The films are:

SWIRL sees two girls, young and in love, moving backwards through the city in Petersen Vargas' lyrical short from the Philippines.

XAVIER, from Brazilian director Ricky Mastro, follows a father who notices that his 11-year-old son pays a lot of attention to the older boys.

BREATHE, from British-Irish filmmaker James Doherty, is about an Irish traveller who is increasingly concerned that his son is ‘soft’, so sets about toughening him up.

TAKE YOUR PARTNERS, from Scottish director Siri Rodnes, finds young Ollie expected to make an Easter bonnet like the other girls. But Ollie is not like the other girls.

THE ORCHID watches a man who has something important to tell his son, but can only get through to his voicemail in this film by Spanish director Ferran Navarro-Beltrán.

You can now see five extraordinary films, made by five extraordinary filmmakers, touching audiences across the world. Enjoy...and please help us spread the word.


More about BFI Flare here

Alongside the films, have a look at a set of resources prepared by our School''s Team - and enjoy a wonderful film we made introducing the world to a group of school students from South London. Watch and feel that the world is in safe hands!

London Loves You from British Council Schools Online on Vimeo.