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European Film Promotion

Riz Ahmed, UK's 2012 Shooting Star, in Trishna

British Council Film represents the UK as part of European Film Promotion (EFP), a network of European promotion and export agencies established in 1997 to promote and market European cinema - and the talent behind it - throughout the world.

Our membership of European Film Promotion means that UK producers and sales agents have access to Film Sales Support - funds to take their feature films to a range of specific non-european markets including Sundance and Hong Kong's Filmart.

In addition we focus our support on three EFP projects: Shooting Stars, which identifies emerging acting talent on the cusp of becoming internationally known and champions it at the Berlinale;  Producers on the Move, which provides young European producers with the opportunity to present their projects at Cannes; and the related Producers Lab which takes Producers on the Move alumni to the Toronto International Film Festival.

Shooting Stars in Berlin
Since 1998 Shooting Stars has presented upcoming actors from around Europe at Berlin International Film Festival. Many have gone on to become sought after names in cinema. British Council Film is responsible for nominating a British actor each year and has an enviable track record of selecting performers who were about to break onto international screens.

In 2015 we are delighted to nominate Maisie Williams to represent the best of UK acting talent following her small screen breakthrough in Game Of Thrones and her first big screen lead in Carol Morley's The Falling.

British actors chosen in previous years by British Council Film include:

2014 - George MacKay
2012 - Riz Ahmed
2011 - Andrea Riseborough
2010 - Edward Hogg

2009 - Carey Mulligan 
2008 - Andrew Garfield
2007 - Kate Dickie
2006 - Lucy Punch
2005 - Archie Panjabi
2004 - Eve Birthistle
2003 - Jamie Sives
2002 - Lucy Russell
2001 - Kate Ashfield
2000 - Daniel Craig
1999 - Kelly Macdonald
1998 - Rachel Weisz

Producers on the Move
Since 2000, Producers on the Move has provided young European producers with the opportunity to present their projects at the Cannes International Film Festival.  2014 saw us championing Tristan Goligher.

Our previous Producers on The Move are:

2013 - Andrea Cornwell
2012 - Tracy O'Riordan
2011 - Sam Haillay


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