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Stand By For Tape Back-Up

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Following the death of his grandfather, poet Ross Sutherland discovered an old videotape in his loft. On the tape were all the things they'd watched together: one-and-a-half films, a quiz show segment, and two sitcoms. Somehow they became the story of his life.

Inspired by the 1980s stoner mainstay of matching up 'The Wizard of Oz' with Pink Floyd's album The Dark Side of the Moon, Ross draws out a series of stories from his life, synchronising them with the images on the tape. In the process, fragments of old films and TV shows are looped, destroyed, and re-built into an audiovisual meditation on memory, death and re-runs.

Hot Docs International Film Festival 2015 - World Premiere
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015 - UK Premiere


Type of film
Running Time
63 mins
Ross Sutherland 1st Feature
Ross Sutherland, Charlie Lyne
Ross Sutherland, Charlie Lyne
Ross Sutherland

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Ross Sutherland
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