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The Governess

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The Governess is a moving love story set in the 1830's. When Rosina Da Silva's father is killed, she is forced to disguise her Jewish identity and seek employment in the world outside the sheltered East London community in which she was born and brought up. The only job that she can find is on a remote island in Scotland as governess to a spoilt young girl, Clementina. Her employer, Charles Cavendish, is a mysterious man, who is conducting secret experiments in a wing of the old house. When Rosina, overcome by curiosity, breaks into his workroom at night, she discovers that he is experimenting with photography, working towards a solution which will fix the fleeting images he has taken.

Cavendish, lonely and unrecognised in his work, invites Rosina to join him in his workroom. They begin an intense and passionate affair. When Cavendish's son Henry returns home from university, this affair takes a turn that threatens to tear the whole family apart.


Type of film
Running Time
112 mins
35mm Kodak
Sandra Goldbacher 1st Feature
Sally Hibbin
Executive Producer
Sally Hibbin
Director of Photography
Ashley Rowe BSC
Principal Cast
Minnie Driver, Tom Wilkinson, Harriet Walter, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Florence Hoath
Screen Writer
Sandra Goldbacher

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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Parallax Pictures Ltd
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London WC2N 8LS
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Pandora Cinema
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Fax: 1 40 70 90 91