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The Life of the Rabbit

About the film

Part of the Junior Biology series, this study of the rabbit is aided by diagrammatic footage.


Release year
Irene Wilson
Production company
G.B. Instructional Limited
Frank North, Oliver Pike
Running time (minutes)
11 mins 02 secs
Helen Dunt
M. Munro

Original Description

‘This film shows the behaviour of the rabbit in natural surroundings. It explains how rabbits are distributed over the world, how they feed, burrow, breed and defend themselves. There are diagrams of the female reproductive organs and of the embryos, and shots of the young at different stages.’
(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1947-50)


  • Four educational films about rabbits were produced in the mid-1940s: the British Council's 'The Life of the Rabbit', and 'Development of the Rabbit', plus G.B. Instructional's 'Wild Rabbits' and 'Rabbits! Rabbits!' - the latter of which was penned by Enid Blyton.

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