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The Ticking Man

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A drugs-dealer double-crosses and kills a drugs trafficker in the remote West Coast of Scotland. The dealer gets arrested and finds out he was seen by a couple of local people. Sitting on remand facing life imprisonment, with only two unnamed witnesses from the one street hamlet of Bartoun standing between him and freedom he decides to hire a hitman to kill all the potential witnesses.

Outside a rural police station the hitman starts a stopwatch, jumps into his car and sets off down the road. He drives at full speed through the barren country roads until he pulls up in Bartoun. He jumps out of the car and stops the stopwatch. It reads 28 minutes 36 seconds.

At noon the next day the hitman strides down Main Street, pulls out two handguns and starts shooting. Once his intial attack is over he starts his stopwatch, sets 28 minutes 36 seconds, counting down. This is how much time he has to kill everyone in the village before the police can possibly get there. Pandemonium follows within the village as he methodically hunts down his targets and people frantically try to stay alive.


Type of film
Running Time
91 mins
Steven Lewis Simpson
Steven Lewis Simpson
Steven Lewis Simpson
Steven Lewis Simpson
Director of Photography
Ian Dodds
John Cobban
Various Artists
Principal Cast
Alan McCafferty, Aaron McCusker, Harriet Hunter, Ian Hanmore, Gavin Marshall


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Roaring Fire Film Production Ltd
17 Kirkhill Drive, Edinburgh, EH16 5DH, Scotland

T/F +44 (0)131 667 7316