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Undocument bears witness to four journeys of longing and love, immigration and identity, as one cinematic vision.
Leila married for love and staked everything to flee Afghanistan and join her husband in London so that she can give birth and raise their child to read and write, live and think freely. To the family harbouring her, these secrets pose a dangerous threat.
Somewhere in Greece an Iranian mother struggles to maintain her dignity and protect her eight-year-old son. Day after day the boy watches as their trafficker berates and humiliates the adults, with an uncomfortable mix of fear and admiration.
Laura may have entered the UK before Poland was part of the EU but now everything's as it should be, until her teenage daughter answers the door to immigration officers wanting to know about Sami, her mother's North African partner.
Ramzi maintains the required distance from his Arab brothers and sisters in his role as a courtroom interpreter. Then he witnesses a young boy reaching out to touch his mother – a face on the courtroom monitor – and is confronted by his own complicity in the institutional processes and procedures that determine the outcome of individual human stories.


Type of film
Running Time
87 mins
2K and 4K
Kyla Simone Bruce, Amin Bakhshian 1st Feature
Khalid Jabaly
Executive Producer
Margaret Glover, Nabil Elouahabi
Reza Jouze
Kyla Simone Bruce, Amin Bakhshian
Director of Photography
Simawn Si. Shen
Mauricio Dorey
Principal Cast
Marjan Khaleghi, Wahid Hoshmand, Nazanin Fateme Farahani, Parsa Bahadori, Maryam Davari, Umit Ulgen, Julia Krynke, Nabil Elouahabi, Molly Jones, Ako Ali, Khalid Jabaly, Chiraz Aich

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Last updated 3rd November 2015

Production Company

Khalid Jabaly

Shamraiz Younis
Hudson Pictures Ltd.