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Women in War-time

About the film

An upbeat overview of British Women’s contribution to the war effort in both military and civilian capacities, featuring a speech by Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother).


Release year
Production company
British Movietone News
Leslie Mitchell
Sound recording
Ruth Landa, Gerald Sanger
Running time (minutes)
09 mins 24 secs
Elsa Dunbar

Original Description

The Part Played by Women in the National Effort
'Everywhere to-day women in uniform are engaged in doing jobs to relieve men for posts of danger. In the khaki of the Auxiliary Territorial Service are drivers, cooks and clerical workers. Other organisations perform similar tasks for the Navy and Air Force. Most women volunteers are employed in civil defence: nursing, A.R.P., Fire Brigades, canteen work, and helping with the evacuation of children from dangerous areas. The great interest in women’s work shown by Her Majesty the Queen has been a source of inspiration to everyone.'
(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1940)


  • Women in Wartime was intended for non-theatrical release. However, there was a theatrical version of the same footage, which was known as 'Britannia is a Woman'.
  • The speech given by Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) towards the end of the film was part of a radio broadcast made on 12th November 1939 from Buckingham Palace, heard around the British Empire and Commonwealth. The full text of the speech was reported in the Montreal Gazette the next day.